Patient Information

Today's patients are well-informed and capable of making decisions involving their health. When patients make their decision with regard to a medication or a service in the healthcare sector, they use real-world channels for making decisions (i.e. doctors, nurses or insurers) and electronic channels (usually the internet). More and more, we speak of the ePatient who is becoming increasingly important in the context of the Health 2.0 ecosystem.

You can profit from our expertise in the formation of health expertise. We are accustomed to developing patient brochures or websites about diseases, as well as practical tips about everyday life with the disease. Furthermore, depending on the type of patients, the development of a smart phone application is an important tool today for patients to monitor their disease and consequently have a better foundation in the discussion with their doctor.

You have the opportunity here as a company to offer the physician and the patient added value and to set yourself apart from your fellow players.

Patient programs and adherence programs:

Complex diseases also require more intensive support. Your medication is only effective and thus successful if the patient takes it. Depending on the indication area, patient adherence is between 40-85%. What kind of impact would there be if your medication was taken properly? What are the reasons that your patients have poor adherence? We help you to optimise your patient care in this respect. You will profit from our know-how in all aspects of the adherence program.

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